Atlantan creates place for dog lovers to Canoodle

Michael Saez teamed up with The Appineers — a leading mobile app design and development agency, established in 2017 and located in Atlanta, Georgia — to create Canoodle.

Michael’s vision for Canoodle came about after wanting to create a platform where people can meet like-minded people near them, set up playdates, possible breeding partners, or even scheduling dog services.

Introducing Canoodle — a social media platform that lets the user talk, blog, and explore with no boundaries. Find the best match for you and your special companion.

The app’s appeal includes the following user-friendly features:

  • Browse for people near you to find a match
  • Like a user’s profiles to keep track of all the people you think would be a good fit for any of your needs
  • Add friends and keep up to date with their profiles
  • View details about users in your area with Canoodle’s detailed profiles. You can see information on the person, their pet, and what they’re looking for
  • Find trusted service providers near you and use their services for dog walking, overnight boarding, and more
  • Get notified when you have a match and even chat within the app

“Canoodle has been added to my rotation of favorite apps. I love exploring matches near and meeting like-minded people in my area!” said one user.

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