More food trucks coming in Atlanta

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced the expansion of the City’s public food truck program to provide more on-street locations for food trucks to operate in commercial districts throughout the city. Through a process managed by the Department of City Planning, individuals may apply to request that existing on-street parking in or near commercial districts is designated for food trucks during certain times and days of the week.

“The expansion of the City’s public food truck program responds to food truck operators and communities seeking greater opportunities for food trucks and the benefits they bring to communities,” said Mayor Bottoms. “The addition of new designated food truck areas will enhance streets and pedestrian ways, increase economic opportunity for entrepreneurs and provide more choices in underserved neighborhoods with few prepared food options.”

Under the new program, applications for new food truck areas will be reviewed to determine if the proposed location meets all criteria and requirements for food truck parking designation. Applicants will have the opportunity to include letters of support from stakeholders such as adjacent business and property owners, and community-based organizations. Prior to final approval, the proposed food truck location will be submitted for review and comment to the Neighborhood Planning Unit (NPU) in which the proposed area is located. Upon final approval, signage will be constructed to designate the area for food trucks and the hours and days of the week they may operate.

“The design of the City’s expanded public food truck program is the direct result of engagement with food truck operators, commercial district representatives, NPUs and other community stakeholders,” said Tim Keane, Commissioner of the Department of City Planning. “As we continue our work to reinvigorate the City’s public vending program—including the recently announced reforms to the downtown kiosk program—we hope that this expansion of the on-street food truck areas 

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