GALIFF film Festival coming

The Georgia Latino International Film Festival (GALIFF), the premiere Latino film festival in the tristate area (Georgia, Florida and Tennessee), is back for its tenth season, tackling the wave of change that has overwhelmed the film and entertainment business in recent years, and creating more opportunity and a platform for the Latino storyteller.

The festival is set to take place at various venues in Atlanta, Norcross and Johns Creek between Thursday, September 30 – October 3 according to a press release from GALIFF.

This year, GALIFF will have even more conversations on content development, but will also address the need for more Latino writers, casting agents, directors and production crew. They will address representation and why it matters that Hollywood diversify, especially when it comes to who is writing our stories and who is telling them.

Bringing GALFA and GALIFF into this diversity and inclusion conversation is in our DNA, given that since our very beginnings we have addressed the central issue that the Latino community is not seen on screen as much as it should be, despite our community consistently over-indexing on blockbuster movie ticket sales. GALIFF continues to be a trailblazing movement that is getting Hollywood to notice by producing culturally relevant and entertaining experiences, building audiences for Latino cinema, which supports the indie film community with professional development and fosters relationships for next generation Latino storytellers to meet industry leaders and change agents.

Presented by Univision and Motion Picture Association, the 2021 Georgia Latino Film Festival will attract notable celebrities, films, and creative talent and prospects for more inclusion in mainstream film and television, which up to a few years back were not enough. They have made it their goal to create a path to get Latino films seen now.

Georgia Latino International Film Festival’s mission is as relevant now as it was the day of our inception 10 years ago which is to educate motivate and empower Latino Story tellers, and to be a strong voice for Latinos everywhere who want to grow in the industry, while showcasing art, developing visibility through the work of our young directors using their strength in storytelling to combat intolerance and prejudice.

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