RYU ‘transforms’ clients’ finances

Replace Your University is quickly becoming a dominant player in the financial education industry. The founder and CEO, Michael Lush, started the company in 2014 after a highly successful career as a mortgage lender, and along with the executive team built Replace Your University to what it is today.

After college, Mr. Lush landed a job in the mortgage industry and quickly rose through the ranks (first as assistant manager, manager, senior manager and then Director of Operations) for one of the largest lending firms in the country.

Years later, his mentor was discussing financial strategy with Mr. Lush. In their conversation he said, “The rich don’t use mortgages to finance homes, they use HELOCs.” A lightbulb went off and Mr. Lush, along with Matt Workman (who is the COO of Replace Your University), spent the next year trying to prove his mentor wrong about HELOCs. Ultimately being unable to disprove the strategy, he decided to implement it for himself and subsequently paid his house off in just 3 ½ years.

He then found himself at an interesting crossroads. Mr. Lush oversaw 70 loan officers who sold mortgages every day, the same thing he no longer believed in or used himself. The conflict of interest grew until he knew he couldn’t stay on this path. Shortly thereafter Replace Your University was born.

Over the last 8 years Replace Your University has refined their main program, Replace Your Mortgage, and has helped more than 6,000 clients utilize this strategy. Many of these have come back and asked how else Replace Your University could help their financial lives.

After years of development, they now have a highly qualified group of experts helping lead the way in real estate investing, stock trading, private banking, and mindset and are ready to take the next step forward in building the legacy of this fast-growing company.

An amazing thing to note is with more than 6,000 clients – their record with the BBB is stellar. An average business will have around a 1-3% rate of complaints. Replace Your University has just 6 complaints (all of which were resolved) from 6,000+ clients. That comes out to less than .001% which is unheard of in the coaching and education industry.

Mr. Lush had this to say, “Our biggest obstacle is people think this strategy is too good to be true, but we have over 6,000 happy clients and our BBB rating is unbelievably good. So, we must know what we’re doing. Also, almost everyone working here came through as a client first, and then loved the results so much they wanted to be a part of the company. I feel like that really speaks volumes.”

While Replace Your University is still a young company, the team is nowhere near done making an impact. The team at RYU are in full growth mode after spending the past few years perfecting their delivery model and a stellar record of customer satisfaction. Now they are making huge strides with their new programs. It will be exciting to keep an eye on this company helping people manage debt better and grow their financial portfolio.

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