Ballard Designs transforms dining rooms

Many American homes are finally regaining normal aspects of life post pandemic, and 92% of families plan to continue or increase at-home dining, according to Acosta research. Ballard Designs, eclectic furnishings and décor company, today announces new style options to improve the home dining room space.

So what are the 2022 trends for families looking to refresh their newly rediscovered dining rooms?

  • Leather or cord upholstery
  • All white or bold colors
  • Upholstered banquettes
  • Round dining tables
  • Sustainable design
  • Statement pieces (i.e. accent fur rugs & sculptural shapes such as curved dining benches, etc.)

Ballard Design’s secret to integrating these trends into the 2022 dining room is banquettes. With a little design inspiration, a new dining room for family fun and friendly conversations is just a banquette away!

According to Ballard SVP Merchandising & Design Skye Wescott, “Banquettes are versatile pieces that add more seating for friends and family without sacrificing style or comfortability. It’s easier to fit more people in a nook with a banquette rather than all chairs, and they create an elevated-yet-cozy feel.”

Wescott adds, “We encourage our customers to customize by changing the cushion or cover fabric and adding throw pillows to evolve their look.”

Customization options are endless with Ballard’s wide range of fabric choices as well as banquette styles like these:

  • Trendy wicker and rattan
  • Straight or corner benches. *Corner benches are the perfect solution for a round dining table or small spaces.
  • Sectional options for flexibility
  • 300+ custom fabric options – including performance fabrics

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