Art Institute of Atlanta hails Jermaine Dupri

GRAMMY Award-winning songwriter/producer and CEO of So So Def Recordings, Jermaine Dupri was invited to deliver an anticipated barnburner commencement speech at The Art Institute of Atlanta last Friday.

“Jermaine is a visionary who has contributed significantly to the Atlanta community through his work in the global entertainment market,” said Elden Monday, Interim Campus President of the Ai Atlanta last month. “As long-time fans of Jermaine and his music, his accomplishments and contributions to the music industry directly align with the mission of our institution as we strive to nourish and develop creative warriors to become productive contributors to society.”

“It gives us great pleasure to nominate Jermaine Dupri for an honorary degree from the Art Institute of Atlanta as his impressive achievements serve as an example of our aspirations for our students,” Elden added.

One of the most successful producers in the music industry, Dupri is best known for his talent and important contributions to the music industry. He mentored the careers of notable artists such as Usher, TLC, Mariah Carey, Xscape, Da Brat, Bow Wow, Jagged Edge, Anthony Hamilton, and more.

Dupri is a supporter of Ai Atlanta because of the creative talent of the students and the unique programs offered by the private school.

“The students set to graduate from Ai Atlanta are unlike other graduates – they are truly super creatives – so it’s really exciting for me to speak to them and impart some advice on their special day,” said Dupri. “I hope they see me as proof that hard work and unrelenting dedication busts down doors and makes anything you want to achieve possible.”

Jermaine Dupri shot to stardom in 1991 – at only 19 years of age – when he discovered the rap group Kriss Kross at an Atlanta Mall. Dupri’s impressive work history includes efforts with Columbia Records, Arista, Island, and his stints as head of Virgin Records urban music operations, and as the President of Island Def Jam Music Group. Today, Dupri has sold over 400 million records and boasts a legacy as one of the most successful producers in the industry.

Dupri’s body of work encompasses Ai Atlanta’s programs in audio, film, fashion, and culinary. Recognizing the rap icon with an honorary degree from The Art Institute of Atlanta will acknowledge his value as an ambassador of the City of Atlanta and how much he is appreciated for his exemplary contributions to the community.

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