SaveTaBSoda rents giant billboard

The members of the SaveTabSoda Committee along with many loyal TaB fans want Coca-Cola to clearly hear their plea – give us a chance to purchase our beloved soda once again!

TThe SaveTaBSoda Committee is taking the message to the streets, literally, right in Coca-Cola’s hometown.

“We’re focusing our efforts right in TaB’s home city of Atlanta,” said Jenny Boyter, a founding member of the committee. “The billboards are a light-hearted, and we hope persuasive, way to encourage Coca-Cola to work with us to get TaB back in circulation.”

Adam Burbach, another founding member of the committee, echoed those sentiments.

“We are confident there’s a solution that’s a win for Coca-Cola, its distribution partners and for TaB drinkers,” he said. “We believe there are innovative ways to get TaB back in the hands of its legions of fans while also proving profitable to Coca-Cola. And with TaB turning 60 next year, it’s the perfect time to welcome it back!”

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