Atlanta broker launches real estate app

Pinpoinx Technologies, LLC announces the launch of Pinpoinx, an AI based real estate app that automatically matches properties with their ideal homebuyers. According to the National Association of Realtors, homebuyers cite the inability to quickly find homes that match their criteria as a major obstacle in the homebuying process. Pinpoinx provides customized results to homebuyers to significantly reduce the sales cycle for buyers and real estate agents. The app is believed to be the first of its kind to be developed and launched by a Black founder.

“Though homebuying has slowed, inventory is not expected to increase for quite some time,” says Pinpoinx Founder and CEO Terrence Byrd. “Buyers that are first to find and make offers on homes will continue to have a leg up on their competition.”

While Pinpoinx can be used as a standalone search app, it’s even more powerful when users link their agents. “Every buyer has an idea of their dream home. Some buyers are focused on price and size, while others may be interested in the color of the kitchen, or proximity to their favorite hangout,” says Byrd. “As these must-haves change throughout the home search, Pinpoinx will be able to automatically make changes as well. We’re able to assist agents by automatically notifying them as their clients’ needs evolve.

In initial testing, Pinpoinx users were able to find their ideal property up to 33% faster than using traditional search apps, based on the number of properties shown before making an offer.

Other key features of the Pinpoinx app include:

  • Multiple profile setups – allowing simultaneous, distinct searches
  • Ability to refine the search by disliking properties
  • Ability to schedule appointments and start making offers with your agent from the app
  • Agents can import and follow their entire pipeline through the Agent portal

Pinpoinx Technologies, LLC was founded in 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia by Terrence Byrd — a Georgia Tech engineer who fell in love with his real estate side hustle. While growing his brokerage, he developed a method that his agents could use to quickly find the ideal property for their clients — even if their needs changed. After implementing it within his brokerage, he worked to automate it and make it available to every homebuyer and agent.

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