‘MasterClass’ target female investors

The Women’s Real Estate Investors Network is hosting their virtual MasterClass this summer in response to the recent rise in inflation. Now, women from all over the country are able to obtain the specialized knowledge needed to invest in real estate in today’s market from the comfort of their home.

Company founder, Tresa Todd, has created tremendous success as a female entrepreneur, and is ready to share her expertise with others. She and the Women’s Real Estate Investors Network have impacted the lives of over 100,000 women across the nation by providing a virtual education called the Without Fear of Her Future MasterClass.

The 7-day course features expert training for all experience levels to invest in real estate. The curriculum includes short-term rentals like Airbnbs, long-term rentals, flips, renovation tactics, how to invest using creative funding techniques, and more strategies catered to creating success in the current market.

Tresa made her mark as an entrepreneur after leaping into the real estate investing market at age 50 with no prior experience investing in real estate, and has gone on to build the largest REI network for women in the nation, the Women’s Real Estate Investor’s Network. The primary goal of the Women’s REIN is to deliver support for women seeking financial freedom through investing in real estate. The Women’s REIN will host their virtual course, Without Fear of Her Future MasterClass, to help women gain financial freedom amidst rising prices in America. By providing the knowledge, tools, and encouragement they need, women all across the nation will be equipped with the confidence and community they need to persevere and navigate the current market to create and protect wealth for themselves and their families.

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