Construction defect center targets builders

The Construction Defect Center has been assisting homeowners nationwide with serious construction defect issues for well over a decade and they are now suggesting there is a gigantic need for experienced construction defect attorneys nationwide-especially for homeowners in newly built single home subdivisions in states such as California, Florida, Texas, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, the Midwest, North Carolina, South Carolina, Minnesota, Illinois, Oregon, and many other states.

While a homeowner in a newly built home might think they have a slight problem with stucco cracking, water intrusion, improperly installed windows or doors, roofing, and or flashing, they probably have no idea how expensive these things are to fix. Therein lies the urgent need for construction defect attorneys-specifically for homeowners of newly built single-family subdivisions-who will need help getting the home builder to pay for their mistakes. 

According to the Construction Defect Center, “In the last few years we have been getting an increasingly number of calls from frustrated homeowners who bought a new home from a reputable home builder who either never finished the punch list of items that needed repair after the homeowner moved in, and or some new problem the homeowner discovered after they moved in. The home builder does not return the homeowners calls-in most instances. 

“Because of Covid for the last few years and or the fact that most homeowners in newly built single-family subdivisions don’t know each other, most people like this do not realize the issue with their windows-doors not closing properly, roof leak, stucco cracks, siding issues, foundation cracks other issues are probably not unique to just them. Based on our experience a significant portion of the newly built single-family homes in subdivisions have the same identical construction defect issues. Some of these issues might be easy to fix, some of these issues are not easy, or inexpensive to fix.”

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